“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking Thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great.” ....... A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Academic Rank Recognitions

Amity College Distinguished Professor

Distinguished Professor

Recognition and Responsibilities: Distinguished Professor at Amity College is the Highest Grade of Honored Academic Rank. The Distinguished Professors recognition at Amity College - Florida is the result of revolutionary initiative to honor the professionals of highest skills, unmatched achievements, and priceless contributions to the society through their distinguished knowledge and experience of specialized professional field.

Application and Processing Fees: $1000 USD


Amity College Elite Professor

Elite Professor / Full Professor

Recognition and Responsibilities: Professor or Professor (informally also known as full professor) is the highest academic rank at universities and other institutions of higher education in parts of the world (source: Wikipedia). Honored Elite Professors at Amity College - Florida contribute to the global respect and reputation of the College by grooming its excellence in education and research. They oversee the design and development of curricula of Faculty Programs at the College, development and enhancement of quality assurance structure, and ensure the high quality program structure to ensure the best standard graduation at the college. At the same time, the Professors also contribute to research programs by providing their supervisory services to the research scholars in different faculties of the College.

Application and Processing Fees: $800 USD


Amity College Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Recognition and Responsibilities: Associate Professor at Amity College is recognized as an authority in its own field of specialization. Associate Professor supports Professors and contribute in scholarly activities of the College to augment the global reputation of the College by supporting excellence in education and research. They lead different disciplinary and development councils of the College and maintain a continuing professional environment of the College.They develop a strategic direction and advisory for researches in their own specialized area and take part in different knowledge transfer activities of the College.

Application and Processing Fees: $600 USD


Amity College Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Recognition and Responsibilities: Assistant Professor at Amity College - Florida is a title of global honor and recognition. Assistant professor would take teaching assignments for the scholars of the College. They prepare lectures, notes, examination papers, and improvement plans for the scholars. Assistant Professors at Amity College - Florida provide academic leadership through promotion of values and ethics of the College in its scholars and maintaining the most suitable environment for excellence in education and research.They provide the highest quality academic and research supervision and act as prominent mean of promoting and embedding the College standards of ethical practices.

Application and Processing Fees: $500 USD


Amity College Research Mentor

Research Mentor

Recognition and Responsibilities: Research Mentor honored and recognized at Amity College - Florida is one of the most respected and acceptable research supervisor worldwide. Research Mentors a Amity College - Florida are known for their highest professional research skills and mentoring expertise and experience. Research Mentors at Amity College - Florida essentially act as personal support to research scholars for directing their research to meet desired objectives. They are the role models for research scholars in their specialization field. 

Application and Processing Fees: $500 USD


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