“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking Thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great.” ....... A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Faculty of Spiritual Studies

Amity College Florida Faculty of Spiritual Studies

Amity College Faculty of Spiritual Studies (ACFSS) offers educational and research programs of religious topics including Neurotheology, Religious Principles, and Applied Spirituality.

Major programs offered at ACFSS include the following:

  • Diploma in Theology (Dip.Th.) for 100 Credits
  • Bachelor of Theology (Th.B.) for 300 Credits
  • Master of Theology (Th.M.) for 350 PG Credits
  • Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) for 400 Post PG Credits
  • Doctor of Literature – Theology for 300 Post Doctorate Credits

Major specializations offered at ACFSS include the following:

  • Buddhist Studies
  • Christian Theology

All programs at ACFSS cover mandatory course work in the topics including Humanity & Ethics, Spiritual Practices, and Righteous Behaviors.

Fee Structure

  • Registration: $30 USD per annum
  • Administration: $120 USD per annum
  • Examination: $02 USD per credit per attempt
  • Tuition: $08 USD per credit (payable in advance for a year)
  • Graduation:$350 USD (One time at before degree award)
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