“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking Thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great.” ....... A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Fee Structure

Fee structure at Amity College Florida is not only simple but is affordable and customized as per the requirement of scholar based on its actual need of credits. Amity College Florida believes that the scholar must receive the best rewards for what it pays and qualifies through its knowledge.

The courses at Amity College Florida have been designed in a way to support continuous education in true means. The scholars at Amity College Florida are honored for every effort they make to enhance their knowledge and on a ZERO-Loss of efforts and time, they receive recognition of every bit of knowledge they gain.

True Principle of Continued Education

Continuous EducationAs per the True Principle of Continued Education, the scholar receives recognition of every completed year of studies and examinations. The True Principle of Continued Education at Amity College - Florida works as follows:

  • Diploma is awarded for first completed year of education with successful evaluation for 100 credits of knowledge
  • Graduate Diploma is awarded for second completed year of education with successful evaluation for additional 100 credits of knowledge
  • Bachelor Degree is awarded for third completed year of education with successful evaluation  for additional 100 credits of knowledge
  • Post Graduation Diploma is awarded for fourth completed year of education with successful evaluation for additional 175 credits of knowledge
  • Master/Post-Graduation Degree is awarded for fifth completed year of education with successful evaluation for additional 175 credits of knowledge
  • Fellowship Certificate is awarded for sixth completed year of education with successful evaluation for additional 200 credits of knowledge
  • Doctorate Degree is awarded for seventh completed year of education with successful evaluation for additional 200 credits of knowledge
  • Doctor of Literature (D.Litt.) Degree is awarded for eighth completed year of education with successful evaluation for additional 300 credits of knowledge

Fee Structure

  • Registration: $30 USD per annum
  • Administration: $120 USD per annum
  • Examination: $02 USD per credit per attempt
  • Tuition: $08 USD per credit (payable in advance for a year)
  • Graduation: $350 USD (One time before award of degree/certificate)
  • Apostille Stamping: 550 USD per document page. 
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