“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking Thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great.” ....... A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Amity College Leadership

Deepak Jain - Founder Chairman Ken Rabac - Founder President Terri Rabac - Director-in-General Deepa Jain - Registrar


Deepak Jain - Founder Chairman
Prof. (Dr.) D. Jain
Founder Chairman - Amity College

Prof. D. Jain, Founder Chairman - Amity College (Florida), is a transformational mentor developed with immense experience and achievements in Academic Research. He holds Ph.D. (CS), M.tech.(CSE), MBA (Mkt.) B.Tech (ECE). He is owner of many patents and author of many books in Software Engineering, Project Management, Human Psychology, Spirituality and more. He has been globally honored with multiple titles including Gates & Custodian Person of the Year 2013 and President's Call of Service Awardee, and appreciation letter from Barak Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America.

Prof. Jain conceptualizes Amity College as a means of spreading awareness about power of spirituality, global peace, and friendship. He watches Amity College facilitating the coexistence of diversity of beliefs of different religions.

Prof. Ken Rabac, Founder President - Amity College (Florida), holds Ph.D. in Counseling and Education and is a spiritual light to lead Amity College. He is Ken is a highly independent and unique scholar, educator, and counselor. He won 4 James E. Scripps Awards for distinguished journalism as a news anchor and street reporter with CBS/WWJ/Detroit. He has maintained parallel careers in counseling and education, while continuing in journalism and broadcasting.

Ken envisions Amity College as an institution that will demonstrate the power of spirituality, and religion, contribute to international interfaith peace and symbolize his own devotion to Amita Buddha, the celestial boddhisatva symbolizing deep awareness and infinite life.

Ken Rabac - Founder President
Prof. (Dr.) Ken Rabac
Founder President - Amity College
Terri Rabac - Registrar
Ms. Terri Rabac
Registrar - Amity College
Terri Rabac, Registrar - Amity College (Florida), has been counselling for many decades against addictions and has been service to create a better society with improved young generations. At Amity College, she brings the similar thoughts and energies of moral values and spiritual practices. She strongly believes in regularity and discipline in all tasks of life and maintains a strong compliance in the policies and processes of education and research at Amity College.

Ms. Deepa Jain, Provost - Amity College, has been a visionary entrepreneur based in India, and directing many ventures in different regions across he globe. For years, she has been facilitating many international universities, research organizations, and other non-government and private organizations in education, research, e-learning, publishing, branding, promotions, e-business,  and many other service lines. She has been heading many projects with world's leading and oldest NGOs for development and promotion education and research in management, arts, sciences, and spirituality.

Ms. Jain envisages Amity College - Florida as one of the most advanced and the most respected education and research institution providing modern edification on strong ethical basis equipped with high end instruments. She focuses on grooming entrepreneur dexterity of scholars, embedded moral values for better society, and employable skills in the Amity Collage scholars.

Deepa Jain - Provost
Ms. Deepa Jain
Provost/Director-in-General - Amity College
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