“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking Thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great.” ....... A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Amity College Objectives

Amity College Florida

Motto Line

Promoting Peace Through Education

Mission Statement

Reform humankind with professional skills and spiritual acquaintance

Amity College Objectives

  • To develop, promote, and execute degree and certificate programs related to ministry, counselling, theology, education, administration, music, media communications, social work, science, commerce, arts, management, technology, and other disciplines to equip scholars with high end proficiency and ethics
  • To offer educational and research programs of strong moral values blended with religious principles of humanity through a high end combinations of classroom and online learning
  • To equip humankind with ethical principles and religious traditions through high value education
  • To lead in academic and research areas to cater proficiency needs of corporate world

Spiritual Studies at Amity College

The Amity College spiritual study programs are focused towards developing scholars with ethics and moral basis of humanities. The Graduate, Post-graduate, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral educational and research programs at Amity College – Florida are evolved to cater to the spiritual needs of modern generations across globe.

Amity College spiritual educational programs are distinguished across world taught by coaches and mentors of National and International repute. Its distinctive combination of classroom and online training and multidisciplinary education approach is an example of parallel development of skills and moral values and this makes the degrees and certificates of Amity College – Florida a symbol of high acceptability for profession as well as society.  

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