“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking Thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great.” ....... A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Officers and Mentors

The Officers

Amity College - Florida is managed under strong leadership of globally renowned visionaries and executive efforts of its efficient and energetic officers. Different offices for the benefits of scholars have been established and activated for ease of scholars across the globe.

 Abdul 'Dewale Mohammed
Major Advisory (Accreditation)
Location: United Kingdom
Operational Region: Global

 Prof. (Dr.) Robert Ray Hill
Major Advisory (Apostle and Validation Service)
Location: United States
Operational Region: Global

 Sanjeev Seth
Hon. Director (Corporate and Institutional Liaison)
Location: India
Operational Region: Global

Scholar Mentors

The Academics and Mentor engagement at Amity College - Florida is intense, rigorous, and non-compromising. Amity College - Florida maintains a rich pool of mentors and subject matter experts who guide Amity Scholars and students for achieving their goals through best quality education at Amity College - Florida. The pool is has a plentiful blend of academicians, researchers, administrators, managers, and innovators to deliver the knowledge and skills in the scholars to meet the demand of corporate world. Amity College - Florida draws upon the best speakers, lecturers, advisers, and mentors with renowned backgrounds in academics, industry, research, and other fields.

All mentors at Amity College - Florida are recognized with their academic ranks in the college as per their eligibility with education, work-experience, achievements, and contribution to society and their field of expertise.

  • Distinguished Professor
  • Elite Professor (Full Professor)
  • Associate Professor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Research Mentor

 Prof. (Dr.) Ken Rabac [Ph.D.]
Distinguished Professor - FSS
Location: USA
Specialization: Religious Studies, Buddhism, Therapy

 Prof. (Dr.) Deepak Jain [Ph.D.]
Distinguished Professor - FMS
Location: INDIA
Specialization: Software Management, Research Management, Marketing Management, Computer Science

 Prof. (Dr.) Denhal John [Ph.D.]
Elite Professor - FSCA
Location: United Kingdom
Specialization: Library Science, Literature


 Prof. (Dr.) Neha Goel Jain [Ph.D.]
Associate Professor - FSCA
Location: INDIA
Specialization: IT/Computer Science

 Prof. (Dr.) Kaanaeli Kaale [Ph.D.]
Assistant Professor - FMS
Location: TANZANIA
Specialization: Management, Mass Communications

 Prof. (Dr.) Anitha Jagathkar [Ph.D.]
Assistant Professor - FSCA
Location: INDIA
Specialization: Education, Leadership, Management

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