“Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking Thinking provides knowledge, knowledge makes you great.” ....... A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Unconventional Credits

Amity College - Florida offers some unconventional means of earning college credits and degree/certificates for eligible and highly competent candidate. One can apply for Accelerated Credit Program, or Life Experience Credits or also for Honorary Degree from Amity College - Florida, provided that you are able to show your high competence and achievements in the subject/specialized field. 
For more details, you may please write to mail-to-amity-college

Accelerated Credit Program

Accelerated Programs are for the professionals who have missed to attend regular college but have completed learning through unconventional means like self-learning, non-regular coaching, and practical works. Under the Accelerated Program of Amity College, the candidate needs to claim for its knowledge while applying for an accelerate program, and Amity College will arrange an assessment schedule for this, passing which, the candidate is awarded with the appropriate degree certificate. The accelerated Programs are different from Life Experience Credits in the way that the Accelerated Program Degrees as same as the usual degrees but are earned through a burst-mode of examination in which the candidate passes through a formal examination process squeezed in duration as in any formal degree program of Amity College and same subjects knowledge is assessed as in its regular degree program. Accelerated Credit Program allows the candidates to save on 100% on tuition Fees and saves on time of attending formal schools although they need extra confidence and extensive knowledge of the subject to clear the assessment process.

Based on this theory and belief that competent and eligible candidates should be give fair chance to earn college credits for what they know, Amity College - Florida accepts applications for Accelerated Credit Programs for eligible candidates.
For more details, please write to mail-to-amity-college

Life Experience Credits

Life experience credits are available at most accredited online colleges today. Using them can help you earn your college degree more at considerable cost, time and effort savings. The theory of life-experience credit award is that live-experience of the subject worth much more than theories learnt from books. Someone has given a considerable duration of its life in learning through practical experiences, and it should have a right to be recognized for its knowledge of the subject. Someone who has been serving in the subject field through its working experience of the subject should be considered eligible for award of formal credits for its knowledge after appropriate evaluation. An appropriate assessment of the claim of knowledge is mandatory through a written examination, but the applicant should be given waiver from mandates of attending classes and lab-works of the college.

Life Experience Credits earning program in Amity College Florida allows 100% saving on Tuition Fees of the program and also waives the requirement of attending regular school or residential requirements of a program.

Based on this theory and belief that competent and eligible candidates should be give fair chance to earn college credits for what they know, Amity College - Florida accepts applications for award of Life-Experience Credits for eligible candidates.
For more details, please write to mail-to-amity-college

Honorary Degree

An honorary degree is an academic degree for which the college has waived the usual requirements, such as matriculation, course-ware, a dissertation and passing of examinations. The degree may be awarded to someone who has shown exceptional contribution to the subject or society based on its activities and knowledge/experience of the subject.

Amity College - Florida offers its Honorary Degrees to highly competent subject matter experts who have recorded significant contribution to society in a specific field of specialization and have secured life-time achievements with these contributions. Recognition at State/National/International levels, awards from competent authorities, records of achievements documents by approved record-keepers etc. add to the eligibility and competence of the applicant/nominee of the Honorary Degree.

Amity College - Florida, accepts nominations for Honorary Degrees in its faculties and nominations need to pass through strict assessment and recommendation of several committees constituted for quality assurance purpose. Recommendation of these committees is then considered for approval by the Chairman of the College. Only approved cases are awarded with the esteemed Honorary Degree of the College.

For more details and nominations, please write to mail-to-amity-college

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